Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Weather /climate change and your coffee

Weather unpredictability/climate change is a leading factor in  future coffee prices. Making the small coffee grower looking to expand their land used to cultivate coffee. 

  Felling of rain forests will accelerate current trends in a changing climate. adding even more unpredictability to coffee supplies and future prices.

  With the current world price at 90 cents a pound is making profitability in many countries nearly impossible With production cost at about $1.50 per pound.

  The shortest answer is to grow more coffee witch takes more land, ,fewer trees, more c02, additional climate effects .

  Climate change and general weather unpredictability are one of the driving forces in the roller coaster ride coffee prices are having and will likely continue to have in the foreseeable  future. Perhaps second only to the never ending political unrest in many coffee growing regions. 

Is Your Coffee Habit Causing Climate Change?

Is Your Coffee Habit Causing Climate Change?: Coffee Habit -- Forested areas that support coffee growth need to face alterations to allow room for the coffee and canopies for mass production of coffee.

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