Sunday, July 20, 2014

Green coffee and Garnicia Cambogia. What's the health cost for possable weight loss.

Green Coffee and Garnicia Cambogia have been all over the Internet and magazines as miracle weight loss supplements. "Some of the studies show it could be helpful for weight loss, blood pressure management  but we have all heard this type of stuff in the past. Concern over these items not fulfilling their promises has been highlighted nationally.
  Dr. Oz was even called in before Congress to testify about less than truth full advertising for diet products featured on his program. Dr. Oz did not back down from his endorsement of weight loss remedies, such as green coffee extract. It's the new quick fix and unfortunately there really aren't any quick fixes.
   Health experts are concerned about other problems of taking the pills, especially since they're not regulated by the FDA. With any of these caffeine products, there is a concern with dehydration and racing heart beats.
   Health experts said if you're planning on taking any dietary supplement, it's really important to talk with your doctor about whether or not the product will interfere with your medications or even interfere with other supplements you're taking."A lot of people are taking supplements and it's not just one, so how can the supplements interact.
   There's really no studies out there that say if you taken one supplement and you take two more, what's the contraindication there and how can they affect your body. Experts said it's important to tell every doctor you see, every time what supplements you're taking because some have been shown to interfere with medications given during surgeries.

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