Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does how your coffee cup feels effect the taste?

The difference is clear. The color, or lack of it, does effect what your coffee tastes like.

  People given the exact same coffee only in different colored cups did express a difference in taste.
Black cups got the response that the coffee was bitter. The coffee in white cups were said to be flat and low in flavor. Other assorted colors resulted in similar results with the darker colors leaning toward a bitter taste and lighter color cups were line with a white cup.

 The clear winner in this test is a clear cup. A large majority of the test subjects said that the coffee in the clear cup tasted the most like the coffee they drank blind folded.

 However there appears to be other cup selections missing from this test.
That paper, metal, plastic, or other of the countless materials coffee cups are made of today.
  It's not only the color of the cup that appears to make a difference as to how the coffee taste but what the cup feels like is likely to have a effect also. This was not addressed in the "cup color test".

 Perhaps the results on the touch test "if any" are just not public. Or perhaps not.....

Is there a mystery here? We shall see..... We shall see...


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