Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lossing weight with coffee. Does it help or hurt?

  Is your morning cup of coffee messing with your diet? Your coffee has a only about two calories per cup. That will change, big time if you choose to load up your coffee with sugar and or added cream. Each tablespoon of sugar will add about 16 calories to your coffee, while each tablespoon of cream adds over 50 calories.  Now your cup of coffee will have a calorie count that is a whopping 130 or more calories. While not a weight loss killer, if you are a heavy coffee drinker, the calories will quickly add up. Lattes can be a death nail to a diet.  Only one Latte can have well over as 600 calories. Can we say Big Mac.
 Caffeine, the stimulant responsible for the increased alertness in the morning when you drink your morning cup of coffee, can also help you to shed a few calories due to a slight increase in metabolism. But only a hand full of calories though at best. Coffee alone has little effect in your weight loss.

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