Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What are your wine choices to go with your chocolate Easter bunnys.

  Easter is this coming Sunday, so the odds are you will have some chocolate in the house. You know chocolate bunnies, eggs, kisses, and on and on. So you try and think of new and inventive ways to pilfer those chocolate goody's from the kids Easter baskets.
  The old tried and true ploy is of course "chocolate is bad for you" but you internet savvy 5 year old tell you about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Rat's you think to yourself. So you resort to bartering, A new game app for their iPhone you offer for one chocolate bunny. No deal is the reply you get. The new game app and 1 additional hour of internet surfing time is the counter offer. Knowing you are out classed you give in and do the deal.

   Now the next big question you must answer is. What adult beverage goes best with your chocolate bunny? Well here are some recommendations.

Prosecco – all chocolates
--White Burgundy – milk or white chocolate
--Sauvignon Blanc – milk or white chocolate
--Cote du Rhone – dark chocolate
--Beaujolais – lighter chocolates or those filled with coffee or espresso