Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Starbucks Express opens in New York City.

The new Starbucks express is opening soon on Wall Street in New York City.

  Starbucks Express is a result of the coffee drinking public wanting their coffee fix faster. Yet will not compromise on Starbucks quality coffee's and high end d├ęcor.
  Starbucks express is introducing new efficiency's into the ordering process. A Starbuck employee will come to you in line and send your order in byway of a wireless devise. This step is hoped to reduce your weight time from placing your order to having you drink by as much as half.
This is from the typical 4 minute weight time at your local Starbucks today.

 Perhaps Starbucks could make a marked decrease in the time from when your orders is places to in your hand would be if Starbucks would have a coffee only lane. Let the people who want the more labor and time consuming drinks have the longer weight time.