Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red Wine,White Wine is color the only difference.

First it is the grapes used then how the grapes are fermented and aged.
  The color is in large part a result of the color of the grape's skin. Red grapes, red wine White grapes, white wine. Remove the grape skin and there is little difference in the color of the red or white grapes. Both are for the most part white inside.
 When fermented, the additional pressing that red grapes receive releases the tannins and colors into the wine giving red wines their color and flavors of red wines.
  After fermentation, Red wines are matured and conditioned in oak barrels for several months or longer.

 The longer time the wine is in a barrel the deeper the color is likely to be However to long in the ageing barrel can be Bad news for any wine. Excess wood tannins will make the wine unpalatable even to those with the most exotic palate. To much aging in barrels is avoided for especially for white wines. This will overpower the lighter flavors of white wines, a few (such as Chardonnay) are however aged in oak. These same tannins, however, help intensify and add richness to a red wine, which is why most reds are aged in oak. 
  The result is that red wines exhibit a set of rich flavors with spicy and herby flavor where white wines are light in character, with crisp, fruit flavors and aromas.