Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Used coffee grounds can help stop global warming.

  With the environment in the news lately. Here is one you didn't see coming. Used coffee grounds are very good at storing Methane.

  Methane is a global warming gas many times more potent that carbon dioxide.With Methane having one advantage over Carbon Dioxide. That is Methane can be used as a fuel.
  The process to make this work is relative simple with the moist used coffee grounds being heated with potassium hydroxide.

  So who cares you may be asking yourself.
While It's not likely your local power company will be digging around in your trash ben for your used coffee grounds in order to capture and store their Methane emissions.

  Some smaller producers of Methane emissions may have some interest.
Many oil wells also produce small amounts of natural gas. The volume of gas is so small that it's uneconomical to lay the needed pipe in order to place this gas into the natural gas lines that heat your home. So this gas is "flared off". It's the flame you see along side a producing oil well.

  It is not uncommon for flare to go out letting the Methane to escape into the atmosphere.
The EPA is cracking down on these Methane emissions big time. With a more reliable method to capture the Methane a must. Used coffee grounds just may be one of the methods to achieve this goal.


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