Saturday, April 8, 2017

Black Insomnia coffee.

   According to CNN, Black Insomnia coffee was founded by Sean Kristafor, who launched the company last June and first began selling locally to cafes in Cape Town, South Africa.

  A cup of the world’s strongest coffee has 1.7 times more caffeine than the Food and Drug Administration's daily recommended intake.

   A 12 oz. cup of Black Insomnia, depending on how the coffee is brewed, can contain up to 702 mg of caffeine. 

  For comparison, a serving of Starbucks’ dark roast coffee has approximately 260 mg of caffeine and a can of Red Bull has 111 mg.
  According to the Mayo Clinic, going over the recommended limit increases your chances of experiencing caffeine-related issues such as nervousness, migraines, insomnia, muscle tremors and one of the most dangerous of the pack: heart palpitations. 


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