Monday, May 26, 2014

Latte art... grandmother sayes it playing in your food.

    It's a cool fall day and you are taking you grandmother on a flea market hunt.
You decide to treat her to a special cup of coffee you know she would never get on her own.
   The counter is busy as usual, but you know it's worth the time.
Your turn finally. Your usual?  The server asks. Yes please and one for my grandmother also.
   Right away she replies.
Moments later two hot latte's complete with art and all.
   What's this? Grandmother says. It's coffee..latte you reply.
I can't drink this!
   But why? You ask.
Someone's been playing in it grandmother says.....someone drew a picture in it.
   You smile and begin to explain, but before you get a word out Grandmother is scolding the server on why not to play in your food.
   You think to yourself... Next time it's mini mart coffee and go.

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