Friday, May 30, 2014

Prices are on the rise. How do you store your stash?

1. Stash it in the right place.  Whether you brew it now or save it for later, all coffee should be stored away from light, heat, moisture, and odors, which can affect its freshness and taste.  If you buy a lot of coffee, divide it into two portions—the one you’re using now and a larger batch stored in an airtight container until you need it. Don’t put coffee in the refrigerator where it can absorb odors from neighboring foods. Instead, keep it in a cool, dark cupboard away from the oven or even an outside wall. Use a ceramic, glass, or nonreactive metal container with an airtight gasket. If you’re a real stickler for fresh-roasted flavor and don’t care about the price, buy coffee in smaller quantities—one or two weeks’ worth—so it doesn’t sit around.
 It is highly recommended that you do not Freeze coffee beans. Freezing ground coffee is tricky but can be done. The main thing is that the container must be air tight.