Monday, May 26, 2014

You Put the coffee beans where?

  You pulled the trigger and purchased those coffee beans you have always wanted to grind and brew yourself. You spent the additional $5.00 for express shipping.
   Now all you have to do is check the mail box every day.
The days pass by beans.
   Where are my coffee beans? You ask yourself on day 5.
As you walk to the lap top to send a nasty e-mail you stop at the freezer to get your next best loved drink.
   Your eyes glaze over, your hart skips a beat. There they are hard as a rock and covered with frost.
Who did this? You say as your trembling hand clasps the $50.00 frozen block of Central Americas finest coffee beans.
    A voice from the other room answers. Did What? You reply, put my coffee beans in the freezer!
 That voice in reply says, I did, I wanted to keep them fresh for you.
You take a deep breath....What to do? ..What to do?

Moral to the story.... Don't freeze coffee beans....

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