Saturday, June 7, 2014

Iphone coffee.

You  go to Best Buy and get a new IPhone and the Iphones are right next to Tide and fabric softener or your favorite coffee?

The main stream media offers an explainer about why big box stores are busting out of their main categories. The story is that retailers are using such staples to increase  traffic and make up for some of the profits that they’ve lost to online retail competitors.
  Richfield-based Best Buy sayes the strategy is “floor optimization.” The consumables may help the big retailers close the gap in what may be a permanent drop in traffic as Americans buy more online.  Stocking products from outside a store’s basic brand is becoming more common,  In 2007 Wisconsin-based Menards added a grocery department to many of its stores with frozen pizza, cereal, condiments, cookies, chips, canned goods and soda right next to the nails and hammers. – but no produce or fresh meats. The company began offering "items beyond the traditional paint and hardware categories, including mattresses, appliances, laundry supplies, candles, best-selling novels, magazines and office supplies.”