Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Keurig goes high teck to protect it's, Keurig's only K-cups scheme.

   Keurig is using methods to stop the use of off brand coffee pods; its upcoming Keurig 2.0 will have ways to sense the Keurig tags and limit you to official brews. Unfortunately for the company, those added measures may be for a waste of time. TreeHouse Foods, has sued Keurig for allegedly abusing a monopoly with its 2.0 system, sayes that it should take just a short period of time to defeat the K-cup technology. The discovery should keep TreeHouse selling pods that cost significantly less than Keurig's, 2.0 system and it could also stop similar schemes in other companies' coffee makers.
Keurig hasn't offered any comment on the possible defeating of it's 2.0 system. Like Nestle and its Nespresso system, Keurig is protecting it's sales model where it sells (the brewer) at cost and depends on the high profit (K-cups) to make up the difference.