Thursday, June 26, 2014

Some plants like coffee also.

Can You Water Plants with Coffee?

   Coffee used as a fertilizer is not exactly a new idea. Gardeners add coffee grounds to compost piles where it decomposes and mixes with other organic matter to create some excellent soil. Of course, this is done with the grounds, not the actual cold cup of coffee sitting on your kitchen table. So, can you water your plants with coffee?
    Coffee grounds are about 2% nitrogen by volume, nitrogen being an important component for growing plants. Composting grounds introduces microorganisms that break down and release the nitrogen as it raises the temperature of the pile and aids in killing weed seeds and pathogens.
   Brewed coffee also contains measurable amounts of magnesium and potassium, which are building blocks for plant growth also. It seems a logical conclusion that watering plants with coffee should be very helpful.
   However, you wouldn’t want to use the cup sitting in front of you. Some of people add a little cream, flavoring, and sugar (or sugar substitute). As real sugar would not pose a problem to the plants, milk or artificial creamer are of no value to your plants. Be sure to dilute before watering plants with coffee and don’t add anything else to it.
Also use this mix on acid loving plants.