Monday, June 23, 2014

Starbuck to sell carbonated drinks.

  Starbuck said this morning that it’s going into the “carbonation space,”
What's that mean?, it’s going to sell soft drinks.

Starbuck said that it’s a“handcrafted” soda.
What does that mean?

    A Starbucks handcrafted soda, “does not combine carbonated water with syrup.  Rather, the flavors and spices are put together in a large cheesecloth and steeped in hot water. You will be able to ask for a light, standard or extra carbonation.” The juice goes in first, then the fizz.
  A tall “lemon ale fizzio handcrafted soda” will cost about $2.45.
Starbucks sates that it will not use high-fructose corn syrup, or even venti-fructose corn syrup, just sugar, 21 grams in a tall lemon ale fizzio handcrafted soda. That’s about about five sugar packets.  If you put five sugar packets into your coffee, Your close on sweetness.

 You can go all the way to a trenta, according to Starbuck’s Web site. That’s 52 grams of sugar, you do the math. It's about 13 sugar packs, in 31 ounces of liquid.
 In New York City that’s not legal.