Monday, October 13, 2014

Cheers,Beers and Coffee, As a mix to good liver health

Drink a lot of adult beverages? your liver probably hates you. But new science suggests there may be a way to get back on your liver's better side. New research has linked caffeinated coffee consumption to lower risk of liver disease. But they didn't know whether to credit caffeine or coffee for the benefits, and according to that research's results, you'd need to drink at least two cups of coffee per day.
In a new study, researchers from the National Cancer Institute examined the 24-hour dietary recalls of 27,793 adults, then assessed their liver enzyme levels, a common way to test how well the liver functions. People who reported drinking three or more cups of coffee were the most likely to have normal liver enzyme levels — regardless of whether they drank decaf or the strong stuff.

Interestingly, heavy drinkers who also consumed coffee appeared to have healthier livers than heavy drinkers who consumed no coffee.
Researchers say the data suggests that there are ingredients besides caffeine in coffee that may promote liver health, but they'll have to do more research to figure out exactly how everything works before they start to prescribe coffee to lushes.
Ultimately, the best way to protect your liver from alcohol is to lay off it. If that's not happening any time soon, the coffee thing may help.

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