Monday, February 23, 2015

E cigarette and caffeine.

 Imperial Tobacco, the world's third largest cigarette manufacturer owns the world's best-selling e-cigarette brand, Blu, acquired from Lorillard in July. Although e-cigarettes are growing in popularity, sales are still dwarfed by regular cigarettes. According to Euromonitor, global e-cigarette sales were only $3 billion compared to over $700 billion for cigarettes.

  A new brand, which is also available online in the U.K., is being promoted with the line, "Reon. Bring it on," and is aimed at professionals aged 25-to-45. A pack of eight strips costs $4, with each stick containing 20mg of caffeine, or roughly a third of the amount in a shot of espresso. The sticks, which are sugar-free and contain only one calorie each, dissolve on the tongue to give an instant energy hit.

 As of yet Cricketscoffeeblog has yet to find an e-cigarette with caffeine flavor. Well keep you updated if we come across one.