Friday, March 13, 2015

99 Bags of beer on the wall. Powdered alcohol gets approval from Fed's

  The federal government's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is going to approve the sale of a powdered alcohol product, it is called Palcohol.

 Its inventor is Mark Phillips who says the product is meant for hikers and the like who do not want to pack additional bottles of alcohol when they’re out on the trail. Just add 6 oz of liquid to the powder. Be it water, coffee, or whatever suits your taste, to your alcohol powder and you can have your alcohol fix on your hike.

   To say the least there’s been loud roars of protest with the approval.

 Those in opposition are saying that Palcohol is a form of alcohol that is going to lead to uncounted way's for it to get into the hands of under age drinkers. Not to mention the countless ways for the product can be misused by the adult population.

Yes, it's true that any product can be misused. But do we really to need add one more thing to the list?

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