Saturday, March 14, 2015

E cigarettes and the law.

  E cigarettes are getting a lot of bad press lately. With the recent report of an e cigarette going ballistic as the user was enjoying his e cigarette in bed as the latest. The unexpected launch sent the e cigarette flying into and penetrating the ceiling. The user suffered only minor burns but was a little shaken by the event as evidenced by the 911 call.

This will be used as yet one more reason for government to fast track e cigarette regulations.

   Case and point. A recent draft bill in a state that will go unmentioned was so over reaching that it would have regulated the vapor you see from your breath in cold weather. That's right.  Punishable by a fine of up to $25.00 for "vaping" with in 8 feet of an entrance to a public building and $100.00 if on school property.

  The supporters of the bill said it was an oversight and would be corrected in the final version.

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