Sunday, March 8, 2015

What do coffee, red wine and chocolate have in common?

  We love red wine for many reasons. We love it for its deep, rich, earthy notes, for its air of sophistication, and, because the last decade of red wine research has a terrible confirmation bias on its hands, for its supposed health benefits. Each year, a handful of studies say red wine is good for heart health.

 Chocolate has a similar status as red wine, according to the Mayo Clinic. There could be some heart benefits, such as lower blood pressure, but any consumption should be in moderation. If you want to add chocolate, make it cocoa or dark chocolate. Chocolate could boost memory, but that study has many of the same drawbacks as the red wine research.

  Research suggesting that there may be some potential health benefits to coffee is growing. One recent study found that those who sipped several cups every day had a decreased risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Another, published in the journal Heart, found that consuming three to five cups a day was associated with less calcium buildup in the arteries.

 So have 3 to 5 cups of coffee, a glass or two of red wine and some dark chocolate and we will live forever. If it were only that easy.