Sunday, March 8, 2015

What is a correct temperature to brew your coffee?

 How hot is too hot for that great cup of coffee?
   The brewing temperature of the water used is very important. It should be between 195 F (91 C) and 205 F (96 C).  205 F (96 C) is considered best. Boiling water (212 F - 100 C) should never be used, as it will burn the coffee. Keep in mind your altitude as it will have a large effect on when your water will boil. The 212 F is the boiling point at sea level. The higher your altitude the lower the temperature needed to boil water and burn your coffee.
   Water that is less than 195 F (91 C) will not extract properly. Keep in mind that if frozen beans have been ground, the aggregate will drop the temperature of the water upon contact. In this instance the temperature of the water being added to the aggregate should be right at 205 F (96 C).