Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coffee with the Clintons.

  You are in your favorite booth at the local coffee shop. When who walks thro the door? Black tie, white shirt, pin stripe jacket.  Are they filming a new Men in Black episode? Is your first thought.

   You slide the window drape to one side and what do you see?  A small army of well dressed men and one somewhat familiar face.

  The door swings open and your suspicions are confirmed, it's her... Hillary Clinton. She makes her way thro the room shaking hands offering warm good morning greetings to all she meets.

   Your a republican....You voted for Mitt...You have your Tea Party hat on....Your hunting rifle in on the rifle rack in the cab of your truck.
   She is coming your way....oh no....you have eye contact. Miss Clinton offer you her hand saying how she much admires you hat. As you shake hands you complement her on her pants suit. A laugh fills the air. With a light chuckle  Miss Clinton continues to the next booth
  Your coffee has grown cold as ice from the chill running thro your bones. Your usual refill may have to be skipped today. All you can think of is the possibility of 4 or 8 more years of the Clintons.



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