Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cuban coffee embargo to end soon?

 The Cuban Coffee industry is controlled by the government. The resulting regulations and systems that are in place, sets Cuba apart from most other coffee-producing country's.

 The trade embargo the US has had with Cuba since the early 1960s has made exporting coffee and nearly anything else to the US almost imposable, resulting in a coffee that is not only nearly imposable to get, but also very expensive.

 The recent talks between the US and Cuba has raised that hopes  that the embargo may finally be lifted, setting a path for a regeneration of the country’s coffee exports.

  If the embargo is lifted, there is almost certainly going to be strong demand from the US. If only for the trendiness of having some thing that others don't. Not to mention the excellent coffee that can be grown in Cuba.

 Will the relationship the US and China have be the model for how trade with Cuba be?

If that is in fact the case. Cuban coffee should be in the US soon, but don't hold your breath.

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