Friday, April 10, 2015

Cuban coffee on the way for the USA.

  The United States has had a trade embargo with Cuba since the 1960's. Most people think of Cuba's cigars as the #1 item that Americans would jump at the chance to purchase again. Not so fast, Cuba has a coffee growing tradition.

Cuba has the kind of elevation and climate needed to grow good coffees, but for decades it has been shut off from some of the techniques and expertise that have been used to produce high-quality coffees that fetch premium prices on world markets.

   Over the past year, Cuba has exported 1.7 million pounds of coffee, according to figures compiled by the International Coffee Organization. Meanwhile, Costa Rica — a country with half the land area and half the population as Cuba — has exported 158.4 million pounds over the past year.
 While President Obama announced earlier this year  that he was reestablishing diplomatic relations with Cuba and making a several  other changes, lifting the travel and trade embargoes will need congressional action.

 A Cuban cup of coffee may soon be on it's way to the USA. Is there any question that Starbucks will be first in line. Ah.....A Castro cup of coffee.