Friday, April 24, 2015

How to cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew .......Coffee, not beer or wine

Making cold brew coffee is a snap to make at home. These directions tell you how to make a cold brew coffee overnight in your sleep. For that fresh cold brew coffee the next morning.

 Coarse-grind 1 cup of your favorite roasted coffee beans for every 3 cups of cold-filtered water.
Stir the coffee and water thoroughly, don't get lazy here. stir it...stir it good to get a good initial soak.

  Pour the mix into a glass jar and seal with its lid. A Mason jar works great for this step. Put the mix into the fridge for 12 hours minimum. A 24 hours soak gets you the best results.  Strain the mix into a new glass container after the soak in the fridge or straight into your chilled coffee cup with crushed ice.