Sunday, April 12, 2015

One more entry into the water filter wars. Naked Filter

A Californian company with the name "Liquidity" today says that its “Naked Filter” water bottle/filter is now available for pre-order. The bottle/filter is an easy and low cost way to remove microorganisms from water. In addition Liquidity says that the Naked Filter has been in research for more than 15 years with the result of “a new solution for water filtration.”

  The startup claims that Naked Filter can eliminate well over 99.99% of  bacteria and protozoan cysts for as long as the filter lasts. When the filter’s is do to be replaced, the water will no longer pass through the filter. This tells the user that it’s time to change it with a new filter.

   Just pour water into the bottle and screw on the cap. When you drink water out of the bottle it will pass through the filter and automatically be purified.

  Liquidity is running the pre-order campaign on Kickstarter and it’s looking to raise $40,000.  Pledging $10 now will give backers one bottle and one filter.

Once this level is depleted the basic model will be available for a $14 pledge.

 Shipment is expected to begin in late summer of 2015.