Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Victoria Secrets Fashion show with your morning coffee at the drive thru. #coffee

   Is the drive thru at your local coffee shop turning into a fashion show for Victoria Secrets? In some parts of the country the quick answer would be a resounding yes.

  A hand full of drive thru coffee shops are staffing their drive thru windows with what could be described as aspiring Hooters servers.
 Many with not much more on than a smile, are cheerfully serving up that hot cup of Joe for the morning rush.

 Some local politicians are at a loss. The Business owners have researched the law well and are right up to the line on just what they can do. If hooters can do it so can we is the most often heard reply to any and all criticism or threats of regulation.

 How long will it be before a loose lid causes a tragic accident that will make the recent coffee spill in a police officers lap in North Carolina look like a walk in the park.


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