Thursday, August 27, 2015

Donald Trump cups go up for sale. There are not cheap but neither is Donald.

 Forget  the normal campaign buttons and yard signage Donald Trump is giving Solo cups a run for their money with his "campaign party cups" in his online store. 
 The 16-ounce cups  resemble Solo cups, a brilliant Trump move to get the collage frat boy vote.
Trump's slogan-stamped cups cost $3.  Not cheap but if you want to drink with the Donald you have to pay the price..
   Trump's cups are "proudly made in USA," showing his "make America great again!" is more than a slogan.
 If you prefer drinking you adult beverage straight from the can, Trump is also selling koozies to keep your favorite beer or limearita cool on these last days of summer. A 6-pack of these goes for only $20.
 Lets not forget Jeb Bush, he has turned to the kitchen to earn campaign dollars also. Jeb has a  $75 guacamole bowl  "Guaca Bowle"