Monday, September 7, 2015

Coffee and Chocolate prices are on the rise due to the coming winter EL Nino.

  A very strong EL Nino thru out the coming winter is as good as a Shure bet. So get ready for not only the unusual weather a strong EL Nino brings but the likely hood of higher coffee and chocolate prices.

 Coffee is only recently recover from disease problems of 2014. So the just the prediction of a strong EL Nino alone is enough to get markets on edge and leaning to a price increase.

  It is the ever increasing demand for chocolate that is bring higher prices. With the recent "chocolate is good for your health"  press is perhaps the largest factor on chocolates increasing demand.
With the additional threat of the bad growing conditions an EL Nino brings look for you dark chocolate fix to start getting a little more expensive.


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