Sunday, September 27, 2015

Donald Trump and The big Announcement about Mars.

  With the internet buzzing with what  NASA going to announce on Monday concerning a historic scientific discovery on Mars. Let me thro my guess in the mix.

 Flowing salt water.....No.
 The wreckage of Amelia Earhart's plane.....No
 Flight 19....No again.
 The mystery answer is..... the remains of a extra terrestrial star ship complete with Trump 2016 bumper sticker.

 This is an obvious attempt to derail Donald Trump's run for the Republican nomination for president.
In the hopes this discovery will demonstrate that Mr. Trump's position on illegal immigration is racist and does not included extra terrestrials immigration.

No word from the Trump campaign has been released as of this posing.

However the Clinton campaign has pounced on the news saying Trump supports are not only polluting the Earth but Mars as well.