Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You like black coffee? You may find yourself on a no fly watch list.

  Do you drink your coffee black? Well if you do you have a higher likely hood of finding yourself on a no fly list.
  All is not lost for us black coffee drinkers. A study sights the preference to a bitter taste as the trait that gives a very small indication towards Psychopathic tendencies including coffee, but not exclusive to black coffee.
 Apparently, no one can agree on what constitutes a bitter food or drink. When the researchers asked participants to assess the flavors of specific foods, they found that disagreements with the researchers over whether certain foods were bitter or not.  This could explains why there was a less-than-50-percent correlation between participants saying they liked bitter foods in general and saying they liked the specific bitter foods on a list.
 With the good health news coffee has enjoyed over the last year is it any surprise that a study such as this would be long in coming?

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