Thursday, November 26, 2015

A conversation over heard at the local coffee shop.

I was in the local coffee shop yesterday and over heard an interesting conversation with the Barista.

Barista; Can I help you?

Costumer; One large coffee please.

Barista; That will be $4.99.

Costumer; I couldn't help but notice your Trump campaign button. May I ask why?

Barista; I work here part time to pay my bills. I go to college and live in my parents basement.

  I don't need anyone's else's money. I am smart enough to know nothing is free.

Costumer; But what about the top 1%? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Like you and me.

Barista; Is that an iPhone 10?

Costumer; Yes.

Barista; An Apple watch?

Costumer; Yes. What's your point?

Barista; You just spent $4.99
on 25 cents worth of coffee, some hot water and 50 cents for a cup and a lid. If your not in the 1% you Shure spend money like you are.

Costumer; I see your point.